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A Complete Styling Guide with Different Types of Shirts for Men

Everyone knows that appearance does matter, so every individual wants to look nice whether going to work place or any occasion. It always enhances the personality of a man, if he is properly dressed up. Shirt is one such attire which always gives that confidence and smart look to a man and that’s the reason, shirts are the most fundamental clothing in a man’s closet. However, it has to be appropriately creased and well fitted to have that clean look.

These shirts are easily available on any shirt supplier. There are so many types of shirts available today for different purposes in the market. You can buy shirts from departmental stores, malls, local stores and online on different e-commerce websites according to your budget. A shirt comes in so many colors, fitting as per different body sizes, style, pattern and made of different fabrics as per the demands and quality.

Before selecting a shirt to wear, you should always consider these points and the occasion for which you are selecting. Let’s take a look at some types of shirts for better understanding:

  • Long sleeves shirts:

They are believed to be one of the best types of shirt as they give a stylish look on almost every event. They are available with different categories and patterns which include party wear, formal wear, long sleeve sport shirts, etc. Long sleeves shirts come in both forms – with collar and without collar. With collar, it is formal, which you can carry off to your work place and are tucked in whereas without collar is for a casual look.

  • Sports or casual shirts:

A casual shirt comes in both short and long sleeves variety. They usually are loose fitting and are long in length, which gives a cool appearance. The fabric used to make such types of shirts is normally chambray or linen. Sports shirts have mostly plenty of patterns and simple solid colours.

  • Tuxedo shirts:

Such type of shirt is only to be worn inside a tuxedo suit. They are mostly worn for formal parties, weddings or corporate events and thus are not used for daily purpose. The recommended colour for a tuxedo shirt is white.


Shirt is the basic requirement for all men. All these points can be helpful to have the best shirt for your wardrobe collection.

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