Hidden Gems of Costa Brava

Many of the tourists while visiting Spain limit themselves with visiting the famous and the most frequented cities like Barcelona and Madrid. But they often forget that to get the best out of the vacation, visiting the most famous city won’t be enough. There are so many places in Spain that rest peacefully under Nature’s lap and make a perfect Holiday destination. Talking about such places then Costa Brava has to be in the first place. To explore the best places in Costa Brava, it would be best if you opt for Costa Brava Villas to rent.

Costa Brava is a coastal region located in the North-Eastern of Spain and is one beautiful region in the entire country. Costa Brava expands along many beautiful towns and villages to the border of France. The place is not only about the white sandy gorgeous beaches but is the place where history has marked its presence from time to time. Costa Brava hasn’t been the popular place but recently has started to make its space amongst the best holiday destinations. It rose to popularity in the recent times when other parts of Spain got overcrowded and Costa Brava sticks to its true form. However, even after being explored by many tourists every year, there are still many hidden places in Costa Brava that need equal attention. Today we will bring those hidden gems of Costa Brava in view that you should visit on your next trip and their beauty will just make you awestruck.

  • Girona

Girona is the regional capital of Costa Brava and also the heart of the region. The town is all old-fashioned and is located on the banks of the Onyar River. The fact that the small town was occupied seven times, the cultural influence is the manifestation of the invasion. The city gives a strong medieval feeling and that is why you should take a walk along the streets. There is also a cathedral that dates back to the 14th century, El Call, and also the Old Jewish Quarter that is even visited by the tourists aiming to visit only the best cities of Spain and not Costa Brava. The place also imitates the big city of Barcelona with the only difference that it is less crowded. If you have time then do little shopping and food taste tour.

  • Begur

Begur has to be one of the best-hidden gems not only in Costa Brava but in entire Spain. Located at the hilltop, the town has some of the best views to offer by the coasts. Twisting and sharp roads, the splendid view of the blue water mixing with the white sands, all these make the trekking towards the town worthy enough. The town is filled with cafes, shops, and restaurants. There is also a castle which is a 10th century old and is a must to explore. Apart from this, there is one of many magical coves that are located on the hill. You can explore some of the unique and diverse marine ecosystems of the Mediterranean there.

  • Palafrugell

Palafrugell is another gem in the list and there is something very enchanting about the small town which you probably won’t find anywhere. The town once was the pride medieval town, but unfortunately, its glory vanished. Today the narrow streets and the remains of the old-fashioned town has been able to retain itself and somewhere is still adding up to the charm. The town was the famous place for the cork manufacturer in the 18th and 19th century and with the ending of the trade, the town was destroyed too. However, locals have kept the beauty alive and tourist will find something very soothing about this place. There is also a traditional market that features a wide range of Catalan cuisine. Traditional Catalan dishes are the specialty which you shouldn’t miss.

  • Blanes

Blanes may be a hidden gem of Costa Brava, but one must visit it and there are so many reasons for that. The small village is a former fisherman’s village which has splendid beaches and rocky bays, old town, beautiful churches, and many monuments. The village still has the only fishing port in Costa Brava. You can go there for fishing with your family and friends, and if not fishing, you can enjoy the pleasing weather. It also made into the list of an ideal family holiday destination lately. There are so many things that you can do at Blanes and a few must things include Botanical Garden that is one of the best in entire Europe, climbing to the San Juan Hill and the castle to have a birds-eye view of the expanded coastline, and others. As a beach paradise, there are many beaches you can access here while taking up some of the great activities.

  • Empuriabrava

This is the town that we couldn’t miss. Empuriabrava has named “Venice of Spain,” for having the largest marine residential area in entire Europe. The town is worth visiting as it is a delight to eyes and all other senses. The town is nestled with the medieval villages and beach that stretches too far.

These are some of the hidden or lesser-visited places in Costa Brava. Many famous cities overshadow their beauties, but they are more than that and slowly have been able to make their places amongst the tourist’s list of best holiday destination.

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